Sunday, August 31, 2014

DAVID MITCHELL on how his new novel ''THE BONE CLOCKS'' is a cli fi novel

“I’m trying to use the word ‘paranormal’ to keep the ‘F’ (fantasy) word out of the novel,” he explains, “in case people read that and think, ‘Oh that’s not my cup of tea.’ But, yeah, in the sixth (and final) part she’s a grandmother in 2040 in the west of Ireland, just as the last drop of oil is running out and climate change has run havoc. It’s veering close to dystopian fiction. It’s sort of a realist novel but it has this paranormal heart, and in the fifth part it sort of blasts out of the rib cage, and it’s all there and then it closes in again.” 

- quote from JAPAN TIMES interview by Andrew Lee

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