Thursday, October 05, 2017

New York Times covers cli-fi from time to time: here is the Google Search Window and the NYT search window too

  1. Can Hollywood Movies About Climate Change Make a Difference?

  2. To galvanize audiences: Don’t use apocalyptic plots. But a dose of humor? That might help.
  3. News Coverage of Coal’s Link to Global Warming, in 1912

    A 61-word article in two obscure New Zealand newspapers nailed the connection between coal burning and global warming .
  4. Building Visions of Humanity’s Climate Future – in Fiction and on Campus

    A call for fresh narratives and roadmaps aimed at charting a human journey with the fewest regrets.
  5. Q. and A.: Chang-rae Lee on His Tale of Migrants From an Environmentally Ruined China

    The Korean-American author’s new novel, “On Such a Full Sea,” centers on a Chinese woman named Fan who is a laborer in a city called B-Mor, a future version of Baltimore.
  6. Climate Fiction Fantasy

    The real stretch? That humanity will be able to escape the disaster.
  7. 'Extreme Whether' Explores the Climate Fight as a Family Feud

    A new play tries to engage audiences on global warming through a family feud over fossil fuels, dying frogs and melting ice.
  8. The Power of Climate Change Fiction

    Will movies and novels about the effects of climate change make a difference in how people react to global warming?
  9. Three Long Views of Life With Rising Seas

    A novelist, an astrobiologist and an ecologist explore the impact of centuries of rising seas.
  10. College Classes Use Arts to Brace for Climate Change

    A growing number of university courses are using the creative arts, including “climate fiction,” to respond to what many students consider one of society’s central challenges.

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