Thursday, August 19, 2010



My pleas for a "Zero Tolerance" approach has fallen on deaf ears many times. I've contacted various "Hate Page" admins to convince them to disband their hate pages hoping I could open their eyes to what they are doing. Making a point to list the ways these pages could wind up backfiring on them in court. Not to mention the glaringly, obvious, hypocritical bullying behavior by people who sit around protesting it...very sad.

After reviewing the indictments and seeing that FACEBOOK is cited, I feared the defense would use these various pages "targeting" the bullies to their advantage and to defend their clients in open court (a live login). It just proves how rampant bullying is all over the internet by all walks of life and people of all ages. Some of the horrendous things I've seen and read just make me disappointed and dumbfounded,...profoundly sad.

Clearly, SOME these HATEFUL people can't see the forest for the trees...the bigger picture. I've been very outspoken about it and in turn have been the target of some shameful comments as being a "bully supporter" or "from South Hadley", etc....which couldn't be farther from the truth since i LIVE FAR AWAY.....ACROSS THE COUNTRY...

I've come to the conclusion that these people are like a band of idiots (or a gang) just running through town (FACEBOOK) spraying their hateful, verbal graffiti on any "Wall" that mentions something that isn't in alignment with their beliefs. Throwing verbal punches and even wishing the most horrible of acts on the children of those not in agreement! Makes. me. sick.!!!! They've prowled their way around all the Phoebe Prince pages waving their red flags and having the audacity to blast those opinions all in the name of Phoebe Prince, who by all accounts didn't handle herself in that manner...ever.

***** I do NOT agree with Bazelon's approach...AT ALL. I question her ethics and her motives. She made a few good points, but I just can't get past the way she violated the Prince family and manipulated (what seemed like) much of what was said to her.

buT.....I disagree with making Bazelon a target, however (or any other reporter writing a story on this case). I was appalled that a link to her FB page wound up on the Phoebe Prince Memorial Page since David Gray has done a phenomenal job of monitoring that forum with a delicate hand. He's been fair to opinions with respect being paramount. He's moderated a number of discussions, all while bearing in mind that he is dealing with young people (teens) who are still working through their frontal lobe development and all those raging hormones, as well as the written word.

People have different filters and are reading through the eyes of their own experience so not everything translates...especially if you aren't a gifted writer or, even worse, just don't read for understanding or take a moment to process things from several sides. We are at the mercy of the reader when we comment. It comes with the territory.

You can't change people no matter how "gently and politely" you've posed a question or stated your argument. They have to come to it on their own...their own paradigm shift. It must hit too close to home for many of them, too. They all seem to have a 'bully experience' and are taking this case personally. I am too, but I am going to be the change I wish to find a solution and not be part of the problem.

...and then again, some people are just miserable or stupid...or both.

Sending positive energy and patience to you

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