Friday, August 06, 2010

If women in some Asian countries like Taiwan and Japan and China are portrayed in newspaper and magazines articles with their "measurements" prominently printed as if to say these stats define a woman, and for many people, sadly, they do, then shouldn't media in those countires also print the "measurements" of the male movie stars, like this?

Lin Chin-ling, age 34,

Jay Chou, 32
Non-erect penis [NEP]: 5 cm, Erect Penis [EP]: 13 cm

Jackie Chan
NE, 6 cm; E, 16cm

like this right? it's only fair. if Asian newspapers and magazines and websites in Japan and China and Taiwan are going to only portray women movie stars and singers and TV stars in terms of their breast size, then should these papers, to be fair, also print the penis size of their male stars, for all the world to see, as well?


Chinese Name:袁咏仪
English name: Anita Yuen
Year of birth: September 4, 1971
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Height: 168
Blood type: O
Weight: 46
Waist: 22-23
Measurements: 32.5 24 35
Shoes size: 39 semi -
Shirt size: European size 40
Pants size: European size 38 – 40 No.

Aki Kawamura Measurements:
B:86 W:58 H:83
Height: 5'2" (157cm)
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Natural breasts: YES

Blood Group: A
Orientation: Heterosexual ...

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